2022 Titleist Tour Speed Golf Ball Review

This year Titleist released the second generation of its most affordable three-piece golf ball. In this 2022 Titleist Tour Speed golf ball review, we’ll find out what changed from the first generation. Additionally, we’ll see if those changes lead to any improvement in performance. Let’s start with some basic information.

Regarding design, the most significant changes have been the reformulated high-speed core and casing layer. There were no changes when it came to the Titleist performance urethane cover and 346 quadrilateral dipyramid dimple design. Another area that remained unchanged was the compression rating staying around 78.

Titleist has been marketing this golf ball as much as their crown jewels Pro V1 and Pro V1x or the AVX. While those three models are in the high-priced premium balls category, this ball is meant for a wider audience. Everything about it sounds very promising, let’s see how it did on the course.

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New 2022 Titleist Tour Soft Golf Ball Review

This year Titleist has released the third generation of the Tour Soft golf ball. When a ball makes it to three or more generations it usually means something is working. In the 2022 Titleist Tour Soft golf ball review, I will let you know how it was to play with this high-end two-piece ball.

There have been some changes compared to the previous model. The biggest one would be going from the Spherically-Tied 342 Cuboctahedron Dimple Design to the new 346 Quadrilateral Dipyramid Dimple Design. Combined with a larger fast core the new dimple design contributes to a longer distance, consistent flight, and improved aerodynamics.

The engineers did not change the 4CE Grafted cover which helps with greenside spin. Overall, this ball sounds very promising. It is time to find out how it did on the course. I test golf balls on par 3 courses because I agree with a lot of industry experts that you should start your selection process from the green backward.

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2022 Titleist TruFeel Golf Ball Review – The Improved New Version

This is the softest golf ball from the Titleist lineup. The 2022 Titleist TruFeel golf ball review will let you know how it performed on the course and who this ball is intended for. It is the second edition of the ball that succeeded the Titleist DT TruSoft ball. This is also the cheapest Titleist golf ball on the market which makes it the most affordable among their balls.

It is a low-compression ball targeting golfers with slower to medium swing speeds. The new version got re-designed for more distance with a thinner cover for an improved feel around the green. I was very curious to try it myself and see if any of the claims made by the company stand. Below is a glance into what I found out with more details following underneath.

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2022 Titleist Velocity Golf Ball Review – Living Up to Expectations

There are a few certain things in life; taxes, death, and Titleist making good golf balls. It is not going to be every golfer’s first choice, but their balls are consistently good. In the 2022 Titleist Velocity golf ball review, I will try to answer the question if that is still the case and who this ball could be for.

This medium compression golf ball is the most expensive among the two-piece balls the industry giant offers on the market. The design team created it primarily for speed and long distance. One of the biggest changes from the previous model is the new higher-speed LSX core for faster speed on full-swing shots. Below is the first glance of how the ball did.

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