Where to start? My initial plan was to review only non-premium golf balls due to the fact the vast majority of golfers are not tour professionals. However, after a few years of reviews, I have decided to expand it to premium models. The main reason is, I believe that everyone can benefit from premium golf balls, no matter their handicap or skill level. So, the 2023 Titleist Pro V1 golf ball review is going to be the first from the premium golf balls category.

The reasons are simple, I play the Pro V1 and it is the most popular premium golf ball on the market. And yes, I am still a high handicapper because I just haven’t played full courses as much as I would like to.

Nonetheless, I have a lot of experience on par 3 courses where I usually test golf balls. Therefore, I can give you an opinion coming from a very passionate golfer who keeps improving (very modest opinion of myself, I know).

Titleist Pro V1 Box by golfballsworld.com
Titleist Pro V1 Box by gollfballsworld.com

Enough about me, let’s talk Pro V1. If you have an even slight interest in golf, there is a good chance you have heard of the Pro V1. It is Titleist’s crown jewel and by far the most used golf ball in professional golf. Since its introduction in 2000, this ball has only grown in popularity. There is a reason for that, it is a reliable and consistent high-performing ball. Let’s move on to the review.

My Verdict

I apologize in case I sound biased at any given time since I play with the Pro V1. My feelings aside, objectively this ball comes as close to perfection as possible. This is not just me talking, a lot of industry experts have expressed this opinion. I would recommend it to anyone asking about it and ready to spend a premium price for a dozen balls. Performance-wise, it ticks all the boxes. Its price is the only real barrier to why more golfers are not choosing this ball.

Who Is This Ball For?

Shortly, it is as simple as it gets, this ball is suited for almost every male or female golfer out there. I say almost because there is one category of golfers who might benefit from a firmer golf ball like the Pro V1x. That is the fast swing speed category with swing speeds over 105mph. Other reasons why someone might prefer a different ball are price, flight trajectory, or feel.

This ball feels soft, even though its average compression rating of 87 places it closer to firm golf balls. It will suit players looking for a medium flight trajectory and enough spin for distance control. Granted, if you are a beginner and can’t control your shots enough, you might want to wait a bit. However, no matter your playing abilities, as long as you have some consistency in your game this ball will do well.


  • Balanced Performance
  • Consistency
  • Distance Control
  • Feel
  • Suitable for a Wide Range of Golfers


  • Never on Sale
  • Price

Titleist Pro V1

Review by golfballsworld.com

Distance Control
Chipping and Pitching

On the Green

Even though it has a medium to high compression this ball feels nice on the putting green. Partially it is due to its softer urethane cover which makes a mellow sound when struck with a putter. There is no major issue when it comes to pace. It didn’t take me long to adjust to short or long putts. In general, longer putts would end up within four to five feet from the hole. It holds the line on putts of any length and gives a nice feeling while putting overall.

Around the Green

As with any other segment of the game, it is a pleasure to chip with this ball. You can see the short-game spin, especially with lower trajectory chips like bump and runs. I tend to execute them often, so for me it is important to have enough spin to help with distance control. Even when I play higher trajectory chips this ball delivers. It feels soft off the clubface and stops nicely on the green. It just gives you more confidence that you will play the shot you envisioned when chipping.

Approach Shots

I have never enjoyed hitting any golf ball as much as I did the Pro V1. To start with, it feels nice and soft on contact. Granted, it does not have that marshmallow-like feel of low-compressed golf balls. But I do not look for that in a ball anyway, it is nice to feel the ball being hit. Like any other ball, I tested the Pro V1 on a par 3 course, which makes every shot an approach shot.

The distance control is great, as good as it gets. Even though its flight trajectory is medium, there is enough spin to help it stop quickly on the green. If you have the skill to add some backspin, you can fully enjoy this ball. It does not have as much spin as a Pro V1x, but it has more than enough. This is just an awesome golf ball to hit, as simple as that.


Premium golf balls have urethane covers, which are softer than ionomer covers. Therefore, you would expect them to get damaged quicker and more often. In the long run that could be true, especially if you use the same ball for multiple rounds. When it comes to a single round, the ball did not show any excessive damage that would affect its performance.

Appearance and Price

This ball looks very nice and clean once it comes out of the box. Titleist in general has a simple and recognizable design for its golf balls. The Pro V1 is a true example of that with a nice classy alignment arrow. A different alignment design is the only visible difference from the previous model. I like this one more than the old one. The ball also comes in a yellow color option.

There is a downside when it comes to this ball. It does not come cheap and new models never go on sale. So, if you want to enjoy playing with it, you will have to pay a premium price. If your budget is tight, there are very decent options on the market that come cheaper.

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