2022 Titleist TruFeel Golf Ball Review – The Improved New Version

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This is the softest golf ball from the Titleist lineup. The 2022 Titleist TruFeel golf ball review will let you know how it performed on the course and who this ball is intended for. It is the second edition of the ball that succeeded the Titleist DT TruSoft ball. This is also the cheapest Titleist golf ball on the market which makes it the most affordable among their balls.

It is a low compression ball targeting golfers with slower to medium swing speeds. The new version got re-designed for more distance with a thinner cover for an improved feel around the green. I was very curious to try it myself and see if any of the claims made by the company stand. Below is a glance into what I found out with more details following underneath.

Titleist TrueFeel

Review by golfballsworld.com

Distance Control
Chipping and Pitching

Who Is This Ball For?

The simple answer would be for a golfer with a slower swing speed looking for a solid ball at a very affordable price. In case you fall into the slow to medium swing speed player category, this ball should suit you just fine. Add a softer all-around feel to it, with a solid performance across the board, and you are good.

Do not expect miracles from this ball, it is still a two-piece recreational ball. If you are at a more advanced skill level, there are probably better options out there. This is a great choice for newer golfers or someone who wants to stay on budget and play with a Titleist. Either way, it is worth trying, can’t go wrong with that price.


  • Distance
  • Nice feel off the clubface
  • Price


  • Alignment arrow might not be for everyone

On the Green

If there were two words to describe the putting, those would be soft feel. Not just soft, but very nice feel off the putter face. In the beginning, it was a bit tricky to get the right pace, with the putts being mostly short. Once I got used to the feel, the putts became better. After that, no matter long or short, the putts looked good.

The alignment arrow was a decent putting help, more on that in the appearance section.

Titleist TruFeel Box
Titleist TruFeel Box by golfballsworld.com

Around the Green

The soft feel comes out even more with chipping. Chipping with this ball felt very good, there were no issues with controlling the distance. This especially goes with the bump and run chips where the ball would roll nicely on the green after a soft landing.

It was not much different with higher trajectory chips. Again, soft landing for good distance control. This goes for both longer and shorter ones. All in all, a very good performance around the green.

Approach Shots

This review is focused on the short game. Since the round was played on a par 3 course, every shot is an approach shot. The ball in general had a higher flight trajectory, and that helped it to stop on the green quickly. On full swings it would go a fair distance, I had no feeling of losing any distance whatsoever compared to other balls I tried in the past.

Half and three-quarter swings worked well. The flight was high enough to stop it on the green shortly after landing. Sometimes I had the feeling of hitting it too soft, because of how it felt off the clubface. It was a nice feeling overall, and the distances were mostly on the number.


Appearance and Price

Another ball with a clean and tidy recognizable look from the most popular ball brand out there. While the ball looks nice as any Titleist ball, there is one thing that could be potentially changed. The alignment arrow is not a typical one, and for that reason, it might not be appealing to some golfers. It is red, and it has more than one line. If you don’t mind that, this may be the ball for you.

It would be hard to imagine for Titleist to have a cheaper ball than this one. On top of that, you still get the Titleist quality and consistency. There are other quality balls out there in the same price range, but if you want a cheaper ball from the number one golf ball brand you don’t have to look any further. Absolutely great value for money.


This is definitely not the most durable golf ball, but it is still all right. We should not expect Titleist to make balls that get too damaged after a round of golf on a par 3 course. This one showed just slightly more marks and scuffs than the Titleist Velocity ball.

Not sure if the reason is a thinner cover, but it might as well be. Thinner covers tend to be less durable than thicker ones. Again, nothing too concerning in this department. It falls somewhere in the middle of the pack among two-piece golf balls.

Final Verdict

I have said this before, and I’ll say it again. If a golf ball comes out of Titleist’s factory, it can’t be bad. That is something you can almost count on every time they release a new version of whichever ball from their lineup. After trying the new TruFeel mode, I can confirm this is indeed a quality golf ball.

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