Once upon a time, Wilson golf balls dominated the world of professional golfing. It is safe to say that is not the case anymore. This golf ball could be a glimpse of hope for the brand to get more competitive with the big brands. The Wilson Triad golf ball review will let you know how it felt to play with this new promising product.

With a compression rating of 85, this ball is intended for golfers with medium swing speeds. It is a three-piece premium golf ball with an ultra-thin cast urethane cover. Enough with the technicalities, let’s move on to find out what the ball did on the course. This review was done on a par 3 course, as all the others are.

Wilson Triad Box by golfballsworld.com
Wilson Triad Box by golfballsworld.com

My Verdict

I have been golfing for a few years now, and have tried to play with different golf balls. So far no ball impressed me more than the Wilson Triad. Honestly, I did not know what to expect whatsoever. Reviews have been mostly positive, but I guess you agree or disagree with something after you try it yourself.

In this case, I couldn’t agree more with all the positive things others have said about this golf ball. I had no previous experience with Wilson golf balls, but this ball gave me another great option to consider.

Who Is This Ball For?

The ball compression rating suggests this ball will suit most players with medium swing speeds. If you are looking for long distances without giving up the greenside feel, this might be a good option for you. Also, the medium flight trajectory could make it suitable for some different weather conditions.

In case you are playing in an area that is often windy, this ball could help your game. If you are looking for a premium golf ball that will not cost you a fortune, look no further. Give this great golf ball a try, you may like it.


  • Distance
  • Greenside Feel
  • Durability
  • Price


  • Available Only in White Color

Wilson Triad

Review by golfballsworld.com

Distance Control
Chipping and Pitching

On the Green

Putting with this ball was a real pleasure. The feel off the putter face was so good, that it was easy to control the trajectory and the pace. This goes especially for shorter puts inside the 4-5 feet range. Also, longer putts worked with nice rolls towards the hole.

The ball was making a mellow sound off the putter’s face, which just enhanced the pleasant experience. It was just nice to watch the ball roll on the green. In brief, it was a great putting experience.

Around the Green

Chipping with this ball felt good which helped with executing the greenside shots. The golf ball behaved particularly well on the bump-and-run chip shots. Even on those low shots, there was enough spin for the ball to stop where it needed after a nice roll.

This was another section of the game where the ball felt soft off the clubface. From contact to landing on the green and rolling toward the hole it seemed smooth the whole way. Overall, good feel all around the green.

Approach Shots

Playing on a par 3 course makes every shot an approach shot. It was not hard to control the distance. The ball flight trajectory was medium, exactly as it was intended by the manufacturer. Nonetheless, that did not affect the ball stopping on the green. There was enough spin to stop it shortly after landing.

Moreover, the feel on full swings was soft to medium. When the contact was good, it felt nice to hit it. The ball was making a mild sound off the clubface. The nice feel translated to three-quarter and half swings, with the ball usually stopping on the green after a short roll.

Appearance and Price

There is something about this golf ball that makes it look great. I love the black-and-white look. There is no colored logo, number, or alignment arrow. With this simple design, the ball has a classic feel to it. Additionally, in combination with a nicely finished cover, it hits the spot.

The alignment arrow looks classy as well. There is nothing complicated about its design. However, it gives a sophisticated and modern touch to the ball. All that combined with the soft feel when you pick the ball up makes it one of the most appealing balls on the market.

Honestly, with a ball of this quality and capabilities, this price is almost a bargain. For a premium golf ball and what comes with it, this places it in the great value-for-money category. Wilson has done us a favor when they set the price for this three-piece golf ball.

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This is usually where things become tricky for golf balls, especially the ones with a soft and thin cover like the Wilson Triad. That being said, let me tell you something, this ball passed the durability test with flying colors. After one usual round I play on a par 3 course, this ball had barely any marks on it with no scuffs whatsoever.

I have to say I did not know what to expect from a ball that felt so soft on the outside, but this was way better than anything that could have happened. There is nothing to add here, except the great job done by the Wilson engineers.


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