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2020 Wilson Duo Soft+ Golf Ball Review

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When you go to the company website there is a statement considering this product. It states that it is “the world’s softest and longest premium 2-piece ball”. That is a very bold statement. Now, I will not try to debunk that statement by any means. In the Wilson Duo Soft+ golf ball review, I will let you know how the ball performed for me.

As far as the compression rating goes Wilson’s website states 35, although some independent sources have it a touch higher on average.

It is a 2 piece ball with an ionomer cover and new Velociticor core technology that contributes to the soft feel while delivering long distance.

Wilson Duo Soft+ Box
Wilson Duo Soft+ Box by

The only Wilson golf ball I ever played before was the Triad that came out in 2022. To put it in simple words, that ball performed very well. This one is a couple of years older and it is the new edition in the Duo line Wilson started back in 2011. I am expecting a decent performance considering it is not a tour-level ball.

Who Is This Ball For?

This ball feels soft, very soft. It is definitely among a few softest golf balls I have ever tried. In case you are someone who likes a very soft feel, this could be a strong candidate for purchase. Its low compression suggests it suits better golfers with slower swing speeds. Even if you are in the medium swing speeds category, you could still benefit from it.

If the distance is a priority in your game it could be a solid option as well. I can’t say it was the longest ever I hit in the 2 piece category, but it is not far from that. On top of everything, it is a very budget-friendly golf ball. Overall, beginners and senior golfers could benefit the most from it.


  • Beginner Friendly
  • Distance
  • Price
  • Soft Feel


  • Not for Fast Swing Speeds
  • Less Short Game Spin

Wilson Duo Soft+

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Distance Control
Chipping and Pitching

On the Green

Of all the areas related to performance, this ball did the best on the green. I have to start with the feel. It felt very soft and the sound it was making was among the most mellow ones I tried so far. I really enjoyed putting with this ball, even though it did let me down on a few occasions.

There were no issues with shorter putts. It was easy to control the pace and get the distance. Another thing that was working is keeping the line. This was the case both for short and long putts. Nevertheless, I did struggle a bit with the pace on longer putts. Most of them I was leaving too short. This was really prominent on long uphill putts.

That might have to do with me being used to higher compressed balls. Although I could not crack longer putts, putting with the Duo Soft+ was a positive experience.

Around the Green

The word I would use to describe how this ball did around the green is fine. Meaning, it did not do great but did not do horrible either. Although, the feeling while chipping and pitching was very soft like when putting. The lack of greenside spin made me work harder on judging the pace and finding the right spot for landing it.

Even for bump and run shots, I had a harder time adjusting to the ball. The case was mostly leaving it short of the hole. When it comes to higher-flighted shots, it was not much different. That being said, I am probably making it sound worse than it was. As I mentioned earlier it was still a decent performance around the green.

Approach Shots

The performance on approach shots was right in the middle. It was better than around the green, but not quite good as putting. That still puts this area in the well-done column. Since I try golf balls on a par 3 course, every shot is an approach shot. That underlines the importance of this section.

I will start again from the feel. It felt very soft upon contact and hitting it felt nice. The distance control worked well due to the mostly high flight trajectory. Because of it, the ball would stop fairly close to the landing spot without too much roll. When I wanted to keep the ball lower there were no issues whatsoever.

Even when the ball trajectory was medium, it seemed fine to control the distance. There was no crazy spin or anything like that upon landing, but that is nothing I expected from it anyway. To sum it up, the ball behaved well on approach shots. It was going a long distance when needed and it was fairly controllable.

Appearance and Price

Unlike the Wilson Triad which has a classier black-and-white look, the Duo Soft+ is colorful. The Wilson Staff logo has the regular red color in it, while the ball number is red as well. When it comes to the alignment arrow, I would say it is just ok. It does not look fancy or anything like that, but it does the job.

Price wise this ball is placed among the likes of the Bridgestone e6, Callaway Supersoft, and the Titleist TruFeel. In other words, it is quite a competition. When we take that into consideration, it could be challenging to emerge as a choice. However, the balls are fairly often on promotion which makes them appealing to deal seekers.


This was a very pleasant surprise to me. I never judge the ball by the cover, until I actually try it. The Duo Soft+ did very well in this category. After a full round on a par 3 course, there were only a few visible marks and maybe a scuff or two. This gives it some additional value for money if you are looking for longer-lasting golf balls.

Final Verdict

This may not be the first choice you want to buy when you walk into a golf store. That does not mean it is not a good golf ball. On the contrary, it is a very decent product for a fair price. Overall, it can compete with the big brand ball in the same category. If you are considering it, give it a chance, you never know.

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Once upon a time, Wilson golf balls dominated the world of professional golfing. It is safe to say that is not the case anymore. This golf ball could be a glimpse of hope for the brand to get more competitive with the big brands. The Wilson Triad golf ball review will let you know how it felt to play with this new promising product.

With a compression rating of 85, this ball is intended for golfers with medium swing speeds. It is a three-piece premium golf ball with an ultra-thin cast urethane cover. Enough with the technicalities, let’s move on to find out what the ball actually did on the course. As usual, this is a short game ball review, since it was done on a par 3 course.

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