Srixon has been making better and better golf balls, but that is nothing new. There have been some concerns about their golf balls’ consistency in the past, and the good news is that seems to be behind us. In the 2022 Srixon Q-Star Tour golf ball review, you will find out how the new ball’s short game performance was on a par 3 course.

A lot of independent golf fitters agree that the golf ball choice should start from the green working backward to the tee box. They say you should make sure your ball works best for your putter, wedges, and irons first. That is exactly what this review is all about, the short game.

This three-piece golf ball has a 72 compression rating which means it should suit golfers with medium swing speeds. It is the softest Srixon ball with a tour-level performance. The FastLayer Core is intended to offer distance and a soft feel while the urethane coating with flexible molecular bonds should increase friction and provide maximum spin.

2022 Srixon Q-Star Tour Box
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Distance Control
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My Verdict

The popularity of Srixon golf balls is growing year after year. We can also see the number of professional players using their golf balls increasing. They are establishing themselves as one of the leading golf ball companies on the tour. All that seems to be more than justified.

The big effort by their engineers in the research and development department is paying off. This ball is another good example of that. I certainly enjoyed playing this ball. If you are considering trying it out, give it a chance. Even if it does not suit you, it will not hurt your wallet as much.

Who Is This Ball For?

Since it is a three-piece premium golf ball it is more expensive than the two-piece recreational balls. That being said, maybe stay away from it if you only started golfing recently. It is never fun to lose new premium balls. The ball works well for medium swing speeds, if you fall in that category you may consider it.

It will work if you are looking for distance, as well as some spin on approach shots or around the green. Soft feel is this ball’s strong feature, that is especially the case when it comes to putting. Based on the price it would also be a very good option if you are exploring the possibility of trying a three-piece ball for the first time.


  • Distance
  • Greenside Spin
  • Price


  • May Not Get Optimum Performance at Faster Swing Speeds

On the Green

To put it in simple words, putting with this ball felt great. It was showing consistent rolls during both long and short putts. After an initial adjustment that lasted a couple of holes, distance control was not an issue whatsoever. When the pace was right, the ball would always keep the line. That, of course, did not always translate into the ball dropping in.

The misses were manageable for most, including the strokes with a bit too much pace. In all the scenarios the ball worked well, including uphill or downhill putts, and breaks. What made the putting experience pleasant was the mellow sound and the soft feel the ball produced off the putter’s face.

Around the Green

Another area where the ball had a solid performance. This is where the spin came in handy, helping the ball stop on the green quicker particularly on low-trajectory chip shots. It was not hard to control the distance both on longer and shorter chip shots. The misses on the longer chips seemed to be mostly short of the hole.

Controlling the flight trajectory worked well enough for chipping from different lies the ball would end up in. Again, like with putting, the feeling off the clubface while chipping was on the softer side. If you fall into the feel player category, this ball might interest you. There was even one chip in during the round, good stuff!

Approach Shots

Since the ball was played on a par 3 course, every shot is an approach shot. Hitting this ball off the tee was a lot of fun. On those good shots, when it hit the sweet spot on the clubface, the feeling was amazing. The flight trajectory was medium to high, pretty much how the Srixon engineers had envisioned it.

The dispersion was manageable, the misses were mostly landing on the fringe or a touch further. Regarding the landing on the green, the ball would land quite softly, with not too much bouncing, and a fairly quick stopping time. Distance control worked well on full, three-quarters, and half swings.

Appearance and Price

The Srixon Q-Star Tour golf ball looks very nice. It has a simple look with no multiple colors or any unconventional design. The thing I liked the most was the long and clean alignment arrow. Golfers who like to use the alignment help when putting will find this very helpful. Besides the traditional white, the ball also comes in tour yellow color.

This golf ball falls into the premium balls category but is not at the very top of the Srixon line. It is among the more affordable premium balls, which means the price is reasonable. For the overall value, it is a good price. In case you want to try a premium golf ball without spending top dollar, this is a decent option.

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Here is where the ball surprised me, in a good way. Honestly, I was not expecting the ball to do as well as it did. After one round on a par 3 course, there were not many marks visible. No scuffs were showing whatsoever. Some other balls like the Wilson Triad have done even better when it comes to durability, but this one was not far behind.


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