2023 Callaway ERC Soft Golf Ball Review

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If a golf ball makes it to the third generation, something must be working well. In the 2023 Callaway ERC Soft golf ball review I will let you know how its third generation turned out. Let’s start with Callaway’s main marketing message for this ball. They say it is their longest ball with a soft feel and greenside control. Sounds promising already.

One of the industry leaders made some innovations regarding the material used in production. They introduced the all-new GRIP Urethane Coating System that provides more greenside spin.

On top of that, the cover is paired with an all-new HyperElastic SoftFast core that increases ball speed. The ERC Soft is built with a versatile, multi-material construction cover. That helps with distance, a soft feel, and durability.

2023 Callaway ERC Soft Box by golfballsworld.com
2023 Callaway ERC Soft Box by golfballsworld.com

When it comes to the compression rating, there are various sources that have it from around 60 to above 70. The exact number often varies from ball to ball, but it is in that range. That places this ball somewhere between low and medium compressed balls, but still with a softer feel.

Who Is This Ball For?

This golf ball is in the, as I like to call it, middle golf balls category. That means it is a three-piece construction ball, but it is not a premium one used on tour. There are several balls in this category and all of them perform a bit better than the two-piece ones, but not quite like premium ones.

I would say there are two types of golfers who could play this ball. First, it could suit players who have been playing two-piece balls and their game is ready for the next step. Meaning, they now have more shots in the bag they can use and are looking for a ball that can help them do that.

Second, golfers who do not want to pay top dollar for premium balls, but are looking for some workability in the ball. The ERC Soft will give you a soft feel and more spin than two-piece balls. It will mostly benefit golfers with slower to medium swing speeds who are looking for a reliable golf ball at a middle-of-the-pack price.


  • Decent Amount of Spin
  • Distance
  • High Flight Trajectory
  • Soft Feel


  • Not Suitable for Faster Swing Speeds
  • Price

2023 Callaway ERC Soft

Review by golfballsworld.com

Distance Control
Chipping and Pitching

On the Green

Putting was the area where the ball performed marginally better than in the other segments. That is not necessarily because of my personal display, but actually because of how the ball did itself. To start with, the sound was not as mellow as the Supersoft or the Supersoft MAX, but still on the mellow side.

It felt soft upon contact which was nice. Performance-wise, I found the pace control was very good with this ball. I didn’t need any adjustment, it worked from the get-go. No matter if the putt was long or short, it just held the line very well. The same goes for uphill and downhill putts. Only positive things when it comes to putting.

Around the Green

There is one important thing to know when it comes to shots around the green. My preferred shot is the bump and run. I will even not shy away from pulling the putter out of the bag, as soon as there is a chance. That being said, I did mostly bump and runs with this ball. It worked very well, even with short-sided delicate chips.

The ball had more greenside spin than the Supersoft or the Supersoft MAX. That is still less than the premium balls, but it gets the job done. Needless to say, the ball felt soft for both chips and pitches from shorter distances. Don’t expect it to check like premium balls, but expect it to do a solid job around the green.

Approach Shots

I always mention the importance of approach shots in my reviews, since I review the balls on a par 3 course. The first thing I will mention here is the feel. You have guessed it, this ball felt soft upon contact. That is when the contact was good, but even on mis-hits did not feel bad at all.

On average, the flight trajectory was higher. Along with a decent amount of spin, that helped with the ball holding the greens well. I felt there were no issues whatsoever when it comes to distance control. Overall distance was fine as well. Finally, I like to manipulate the flight trajectory and shot shape on occasion. The ball did well in both segments.


If I had to describe the durability, it would be average. There were no massive marks or scuffs, but there still were a few. I would perhaps attribute that to the hybrid cover which does contain some form of urethane. It was definitely playable for more rounds after this one. Durability gets a passing grade.

Appearance and Price

The ERC Soft is specific for one thing. It is the only ball in the Callaway lineup that comes only with the Triple Track Dagger alignment technology. That is perfectly fine especially if you are using one of the Odyssey Triple Track putters. It looks a bit busy around the logo area, but nothing too bad.

Price-wise it falls in the middle among direct competitors. It is less expensive than the Titleist Tour Speed or the TaylorMade Tour Response, but it is more expensive than the Bridgestone e12 Contact or the Srixon Q-Star Tour. For that reason, the price is just ok.

Final Verdict

After playing this new edition of the Callaway ERC Soft, I can just say it is an all-around solid performance golf ball. Besides that, the only thing is the price. Again, it is not too steep, but it is not low either. In the end, Callaway released a very good product that lives up to its standard. If the price is not an obstacle, I would recommend trying this ball.

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