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Putting Drills for Beginners – Guide to Success

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We already know that practice makes perfection, especially when it has a purpose. Just grabbing a putter and rolling the balls towards the hole can help, but if you just started golfing some putting drills for beginners will help you improve faster. When you get on the green, you will find yourself in a lot of different situations.

You could find yourself in some difficult ones and you want to be ready for it. No matter if it is a 2-foot or a 20-foot putt, downhill or uphill, breaking to the left or breaking to the right, in dry or wet conditions, there are drills that can make your putting easier. Read More

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Putting Tips for Beginners – Get Confident on the Green

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Putting is the final part of a golfer’s game on every hole on every golf course out there. It is often neglected when someone starts to play, and for that reason I will focus on some putting tips for beginners to build some confidence on the green. When a golfer begins the journey, almost all the learning and practice time goes into the swing with the driver, irons, or wedges.Golfer Putting

There is little to no time allocated to the segment of putting. I can totally relate to that because that is exactly how my learning curve started. After I figured that out I started paying more attention to what I do when putting so I can correct myself and improve. Like every other segment of the golf game, it is a lifetime learning process.

A lot of times your approach shots are going to be great, and only an easy putt will be needed to roll that ball into the hole, but there are going to be times when more challenging putts are going to be needed. When those situations happen, it is good to have a variety of different strokes in the bag to use on demand. We can get there by following some simple tips that will help us in the process. Below I will touch on different segments of putting from preparation to execution. Read More

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Top Golf Balls for Distance – Behind the Curtain

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Distance, the ultimate frontier. Every one of us wishes they could hit that ball off the tee, and see it go far, far away. But not all of us can reach those distant lands for different reasons. What might help us is to choose one of the top golf balls for distance. If you do not have a fast swing speed, a ball that goes longer distances is your friend. I personally have a slowGreen on Island swing speed, and honestly I don’t know if it will be ever faster. Because of that, as many other golfers out there, I need a hand.

Golf balls are constructed differently, some are made for feel and more placed shots, others are made for distance. It will depend on the number of pieces used to construct the ball, as well as on the material structure and the compression. Read More

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Best Golf Balls on a Budget – How to Choose Them?

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We have all been there, just started playing, or can’t spend too much money on golf balls. After walking into a store with golf equipment, we try to figure out the best golf balls on a budget. But there are so many options to choose from, and if we do not have experience it is really hard to pick the right ones.Golf Balls on Shelf

The golf balls market is quite large, and it can be easily overwhelming to make a purchase. When I started playing golf I literally walked into a sports store, went to the golf section, and bought probably the cheapest balls available. The more I played, the more I was learning that picking golf balls is usually not so simple and easy.

I started reading more about golf, watching tutorials, and watching golf clubs and golf balls reviews. Just then I realized, that when I bought those golf balls I did not even know what I was buying. Below I will talk about the process I should have gone through before I made my decision. Read More

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