In the last few years, Srixon has been establishing itself as one of the leading golf brands on the PGA Tour. Among their products, they offer several golf balls. This Srixon Q-Star 6 golf ball review will try to give you an idea about this ball in case you are not familiar with it.

As the name itself suggests, this is the sixth generation of the Q-Star ball. This one is the simpler option from the Q-Star line which also includes the Q-Star Tour and Q-Star Divide, with both of them being a three-piece urethane cover more expensive balls. With a compression rating of 72, this ionomer cover golf ball is targeting golfers with slower to medium swing speeds (86 to 104 mph).

My Verdict

Srixon is gaining terrain in the golf ball market, and this ball might be one of the reasons for that. A bigger reason is probably signing golfers of the highest level like Brooks Koepka, but that is another conversation. Overall this ball did not show any concerning side, and it makes a great value for money. Do not expect premium ball performance, but expect it to be among the best in the two-piece category.

Who Is This Ball For?

The ones who will benefit the most from this golf ball are recreational golfers looking for a solid performer. It suits golfers anywhere on the medium swing speed spectrum. The lack of spin seems not to be a big issue here due to the high flight trajectory. If you are looking for distance first, this ball could be your solution.

If you just started playing, perhaps hold off from spending a bit more money on a ball in this category. There are cheaper options out there, and it would be a shame not to experience what this ball can offer.


  • Distance
  • High Flight Trajectory


  • Durability
  • Price

Srixon Q-Star 6

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Distance Control
Chipping and Pitching

On the Green

Putting did not disappoint whatsoever. It didn’t matter the putt length, the ball felt nice and soft off the putter face. No matter the stroke intensity, the ball was making a mellow sound every time. All the longer putts seemed to be finishing within 5 feet from the hole, a couple of them even rolled in. There was no issue with short putts, all of them seemed to find the bottom of the hole. The ball made it smooth and easy to control the stroke pace.

Around the Green

Another category where the ball performed well. It felt almost effortless to chip the ball from around the green, and that goes especially for the bump-and-run chip shots. From distances further away it was not a much different story. Almost every time it would roll nicely once on the green. Even the mis-hits seemed manageable, except the ones that went bad. It felt soft off the clubface on both short or long chip and pitch shots.

Approach Shots

On a par 3 course where I tested the ball, every shot was an approach shot. I have to say, this ball performed great when it comes to distance control. It did not matter what kind of shot was in question, it was a pure pleasure striking it. The flight trajectory was higher on average making approach shots manageable despite the lower spin. Once the ball landed on the green, it would stop quickly. Even on shots when the flight trajectory was lower the ball would stop relatively quickly on the green, which was a pleasant surprise. This category was one of the ball’s strong suits.

Appearance and Price

This area is another one I would categorize as the balls’ strong suit. It looks so nice and clean, very pleasant to the eye. When you have a look at a bunch of different golf balls, you could say they all look alike. The difference is in the details, which for me means the alignment arrow. This ball has a nice alignment arrow, it almost looks like someone drew a line with a marker. That makes it easy to align, and the Q-Star writing fits nicely inside the line. It is an improvement compared to the old alignment arrow which just looked too average.

The price places this ball among the more expensive two-piece balls offered by the industry leaders. That does not make it a bad investment by any means. Just the fact that the previous version of the Q-Star ball still holds the price is telling us something about its popularity. It also tells us that Srixon is doing a good job producing quality golf balls. 


One of the most important things, when you are spending your hard-earned money on a dozen balls, is durability. This ball has shown a decent level of durability. After a round on a par 3 course, there were an average amount of marks and scuffs showing on the dimples. It was nothing extraordinary, but it was also nothing to be overly concerned about. This could be improved a touch, but it still gets a passing grade.


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