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How to Hit Wedge Shots – Recipe for Clean Contact

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Golf is such a wonderful game. That is true especially if you can play it at an enjoyable level. It does not have to mean you have to be a scratch golfer by any means. However, there is something you should know at any level you play. That is how to hit wedge shots. By that, I mean to hit them good most of the time.

Sounds so simple, right? After all, wedges are the smallest clubs in your bag. How hard is it to hit them consistently well? Turns out it is hard, much harder than you would think. If you think about it there are so many different wedges with different lofts and bounces. You do not have to have them all, but it would be good to master the ones you do have.

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Golf Stance for Beginners – Consistency Starts Here

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Most golfers probably do not remember how their initial setup was the first time they hit a golf ball. If you are someone who has not yet hit a ball or just recently got into golfing, this is a good opportunity to learn a solid golf stance for beginners which will help you to go forward in your golfing adventure.

The stance is very important since it can make your swing easy or difficult. The Sooner your initial setup is proper, the sooner you can develop a consistent golf swing. This is the first part of a four parts series that focuses on the golf swing and includes the stance, backswing, downswing, and follow swing stance

Part one will help you with the following stance elements:

  • Golf Ball Position – it helps you to position the ball in the right place depending on the club you are using. When the ball is placed properly you are able to hit the ball in the sweet spot for solid contact.
  • Feet Width and Legs Position – the stance width depends on the club you are using which will help you with solid contact. Legs position is important for the swing because it helps you address the ball properly and get the most out of your golf swing.
  • Arms and Golf Club Position – when your arms and golf club are placed properly at the setup it helps with solid contact and swing consistency.
  • Upper Body and Head Position – the right upper body and head position will help you execute the swing properly and hit the ball consistently.

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