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Golf Accessories for Beginners – What You Actually Need

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There are a lot of fun accessories, then there are a lot of valuable accessories. Golf has both, but I will touch upon golf accessories for beginners you actually need on the course. In the early phase of your golfing venture, you do not need to buy everything they offer in a golf shop.

What you should buy are basic accessories that can help you play your best game. Besides helping with your game, there are accessories that help you do your part in the course maintenance. That way you are both following the rules of the golf etiquette and doing the right thing at the same time.

Eventually, as your golf game improves you can get other non-essential accessories. Those can be fun to have, but you can live without them. I’ll mention some of those as well at the end to give you an idea. To start let’s see which the more important ones are.

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Different Golf Games to Play – Change Your Routine

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Golf is a fun game. That is true up to the moment when it becomes frustrating. As a lot of us know, that turn can happen in an instant with a simple thing as a bad shot. Luckily there are different golf games to play on the course that can break your routine and make golf just fun.

Stroke play is the most common and popular type of game with match play being the next one. However, there are so many other games you may not know about to enjoy on the course by yourself or with your family and friends. Some of them require luck, some skill, and some both.

Below you can check what types of games you can find in this article:

  • Single Player Games – these games you can enjoy all by yourself
  • Multi Player Games – when you are out there with your family or friends try one of these games
  • Games With Stakes – if you are feeling lucky you may try one of these games where you can win or lose a previously agreed prize.
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What Is the Correct Putting Stroke? – The Different Types

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Putting is often underrated. That is true mostly for the world of amateur golfers. Professionals on the PGA and LPGA tours know well how important putting is. There are a lot of good questions about it. One of the more important ones is what is the correct putting stroke. As with most things related to golf, there is no simple answer.

When you picked up your putter for the first time you stroke the ball in a certain way. There is a good chance you still do it the same way. You should probably keep doing it that way if it works fine. However, there are different types of strokes you could be using. No stroke is the right or wrong one and both could be used efficiently.

Think of it like the different types of swing you use for different distances and different golf clubs. Sometimes you will use a longer stroke and sometimes a shorter one. But not all is in the stroke length, there is something to intensity and swing direction. Playing conditions could be affecting what kind of stroke you use.

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2022 Srixon Q-Star Tour Golf Ball Review

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Srixon has been making better and better golf balls, but that is nothing new. There have been some concerns about their golf balls’ consistency in the past, and the good news is that seems to be behind us. In the 2022 Srixon Q-Star Tour golf ball review, you will find out how the new ball’s short game performance was on a par 3 course.

A lot of independent golf fitters agree that the golf ball choice should start from the green working backward to the tee box. They say you should make sure your ball works best for your putter, wedges, and irons first. That is exactly what this review is all about, the short game.

This three-piece golf ball has a 72 compression rating which means it should suit golfers with medium swing speeds. It is the softest Srixon ball with tour-level performance. The FastLayer Core is intended to offer distance and a soft feel while the urethane coating with flexible molecular bonds should increase friction and provide maximum spin.

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How to Master a Golf Swing – Is There a Formula?

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This has probably been the question golfers have been asking themselves since the beginning of the game. How to master a golf swing is a legitimate question. There is a good chance you could get as many answers as the number of people you asked. Every coach or player has similar yet different methods for improvement.

You can become a good golfer no matter how you learn the game. Golf lessons are most likely the avenue that can expedite the process but not the only option. In this modern time, there are a lot of ways you can learn to golf, from books to YouTube videos. If you own a VCR or DVD player, I bet there are still tapes or DVDs with golf lessons to be found.

All that is very helpful only if you do it the right way. The one thing all experts agree upon is that the learning process has to make sense. You can do it, and you can do it your way. There are certain basics you will have to conquer in order for everything to fall in place. After that, it is all practice and more practice.

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Basic Golf Etiquette for Beginners – How to Behave on the Golf Course

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Sometimes words “rules” and “regulations” do not have a positive connotation when mentioned. Golf does have official rules and regulations when it comes to gameplay, but also a set of rules and practices making the game safer and enjoyable for golfers. It is called Golf Etiquette. The basic golf etiquette for beginners will introduce you to the appropriate golf course behavior.

Despite the fact that technology and science have affected the development of the game, golf is still traditional in a lot of areas. Some of those traditions, like the dress code, seem to be outdated. However, there are other traditions that should be followed. This applies to the on-course behavior.

Most golf courses and country clubs have the etiquette available to players either in the clubhouse or on the website. Besides the etiquette, they have some internal rules for that specific location which might differ from place to place. The etiquette applies to all the courses and country clubs where you can play.

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Golf Chipping Tips for Beginners – Scramble Like a Pro

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This is a segment of the game that can be your jail-free card every time your approach shot fails you. It is something every top scrambler on the PGA Tour executes next to perfection. With some golf chipping tips for beginners, you could elevate your game and make your rounds more enjoyable.

There are a lot of golfers, new or experienced who find themselves in tricky situations on the course. A lot of those situations involve chip shots. They are very different from any shot that involves a full, three-quarter, or half swing. Golfers can get a bit nervous over chip shots, mostly because they can go wrong in so many ways.

You find yourself so close to the green, and all you need to do is hit that ball just enough to place it close to the hole. Sounds easy, but it is far from that. Chipping has often a hard learning curve, and it can take a longer time for a golfer to get comfortable doing it. Luckily, there are ways your golfing life can get easier.

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