Month: April 2021

Driving Range Practice Ideas – Drills for Beginners

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I love going to the driving range. In the beginning, when I first started, I was just shooting the ball with no purpose. After some time, I realized I should spend my time at the range doing something more constructive. Since then, I started doing different drills that focus on individual segments of my swing. There are a lot of driving range practice ideas that can help you improve your game. It is a perfect place to test things, try different approaches, see what works for you, and what you can apply on the golf course.Driving Range

When I’m at the range there is always this feeling nobody is judging me no matter how good or bad my shots are and no matter what I’m doing at that moment. Everyone there seems to be relaxed minding their business and practicing their swing their own way. I always go there full of enthusiasm and always leave satisfied. In this article, I’m going to focus on the importance of the driving range sessions, and give you some simple drills you can do while there. Read More

Bridgestone Golf Balls History – Becoming a Powerhouse

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The golf industry is large and very competitive, especially when it comes to golf balls. It is a growing market, and every company involved is trying to establish itself as a big player. Bridgestone Golf is definitely one of the biggest ones, and we will have a bit more detailed look into the Bridgestone golf balls history. There are not many golfers out there who are not familiar with their trademark “B” logo. They have been present in the golf world for a long time, but it seems their popularity is still growing.Bridgestone Headquarters

I was getting more and more intrigued with the Bridgestone golf balls so I decided to look into how a tire company made its way to becoming a powerhouse in the golf balls market. Below I will focus on the company’s origins, the golf balls production, the expansion with the golf subsidiary, and some elite golfers they have captured. Read More

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