2021 Vice Tour Golf Ball Review

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After the very solid performance coming from the two-piece Vice Drive golf ball, I believe the Vice Tour won’t disappoint. That being said, I am going into this review open-minded. I am still not too familiar with their golf balls enough to know what to expect. The 2021 Vice Tour golf ball review will show if this is another reliable option from the brand.

This three-piece ball cover is made of ionomer, which is unusual for balls constructed with more than two pieces.

Because of that, I feel the durability will be similar to the Drive ball, which was excellent. We’ll discover that soon.

2021 Vice Tour Box
2021 Vice Tour Box

Inside it contains a new size-optimized Energy Speed Core built for extra distance. The mantle is constructed to minimize driver spin and increase ball flight stability. When it comes to dimples, that has also improved with the new durable 312 dimple design. By everything that you can find on the official Vice website, the ball is promising. Let’s find out how it did on the course.

Who Is This Ball For?

Let’s start with what says on the official Vice website. It simply states that this ball is designed and engineered for all swing speeds. That is a very interesting statement, to say the least. You could technically say that for a lot of golf balls out there. Nevertheless, it is a statement that does not put the ball in any swing speed category.

I have tried to look for a compression rating and got some mixed data. The medium compression rating seemed to be the general consensus. That would put the ball in the mid-swing speed category as the most suitable one. I can see that since I fall into that category and the ball had performed accordingly.

This ball could suit players who are looking for distance ahead of anything else. It is designed for a lower spin for that exact reason. That being said, do not expect a ton of short-game spin either. There is definite value to this ball and you can check why that is below.


  • Beginner Friendly
  • Distance
  • Durability
  • Price


  • Lower Short Game Spin
  • Only Available In White Color

2021 Vice Tour Golf Ball Review

Review by golfballsworld.com

Distance Control
Chipping and Pitching

On the Green

The thing that I noticed right away is that the sound it was making at impact was a bit louder. That is probably due to the ionomer cover which is harder than urethane ones. Don’t get me wrong, the level of noise was still in the mild category. That did not affect how the ball performed on the green whatsoever.

The only adjustment I had to do was on longer putts. Here I am talking from 10 feet and longer. It was the case more on the downhill putts versus the uphill ones. Shorter putts within the 5-foot range worked well since the beginning. Everything was fine regarding how the ball was holding the line while rolling. Overall, putting with this ball worked well.

Around the Green

As I have mentioned already, the only downside with chipping and pitching is the lack of spin. For me personally, that does not present a serious issue. My preference when close to the green is bump and run shots. When it comes to that, the ball worked very well. It worked well to that level that I managed to chip one in the hole.

I had a feeling it was easy enough to control where the ball is going to land and roll toward the hole. The higher trajectory chips and pitches seemed to lack a bit of spin. When I say lack of spin, I do not mean there is no spin whatsoever. It just has less greenside spin compared to some balls in the same category.

Approach Shots

I always like to mention I review these balls based on a performance on a par 3 course. The main reason is that I agree with a lot of industry experts who say you should test the ball from the green backward. Another important fact is, the majority of your golf shots are within 100 to 125 yards from the green.

Let’s get to the performance itself. One thing that worked like a charm was distance control. It pretty much fell right into my distance wheelhouse which made that easier. Another reason for that was the higher flight trajectory on average. It helped the ball stop fairly soon after it would land.

Hitting the ball felt good for the most with the exception of shots where the impact was lower on the face. Those shots produced a clicky sound which was still manageable. I found no issues whatsoever with manipulating the flight trajectory when needed. This category definitely gets a solid grade.

Appearance and Price

There is something about Vice golf balls that makes them look nice and appealing. It could be the simple logo and the minimalistic approach to designing the ball’s look. That gives them a modern and sophisticated vibe. This includes the new “keep in line” alignment line which adds to it. It is clean, simple, and does the job.

One of the benefits of the direct-to-consumer approach is the price. Because of no middleman involved in the process, the price is very competitive. In a lot of cases, this ball costs less than a two-piece ball from a lot of big brands. There is also an option to get up to 5 dozen balls which will lower the price even more. The only downside is the lack of color options. Still a great deal!


I have to say my predictions were not far off. Like with the two-piece Vice Drive model, durability was once again one of its strong suits. There were only a few marks and scuffs visible on the ball after a full round on a par 3 course. If you combine that with the price, you get a great value for your hard-earned money.

Final Verdict

Vice is proving that you do not need golf stars’ endorsements or endless commercials in order to show you have a quality product. Their approach is different and it is working. The Vice Tour ball is another example that they have products to compete with the big boys of the golf industry.

If you are someone who just started golfing or are looking for something reliable and cheaper, this could be your ball. Honestly, for that price, not much can go wrong even if you try it just out of curiosity. Sometimes you might find a product that suits you that you can’t find in your local golf shop. Just saying.

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