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Golf Improvement Drills – Lower Your Score

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Every golfer at any time during their playing years wants to improve their game, this includes professional golfers. Not everyone wants to make a living playing golf, but it is nice to see a good score on the card. There are a lot of golf improvement drills you can do to elevate your game to the next level, especially if you are fresh to the game. It is a great feeling to see your handicap drop after all the hard work and dedication you have put into practice.

Yes, it is hard, and it is like that because golf is a hard game that can take you to the brink of tears in a moment. That is going to be a reality no matter how good of a player you are, but what you want is consistency. It will help you turn those bad mis-hits into manageable ones which will help you lower your score. There are some drills you can do that can get you there.driving range

This article focuses on the following:

  • Know What You Need to Improve – the first step is to know what part of your game you want to work on. If it is multiple parts, prioritize them and get going.
  • Driver Drills – most of the holes on an average course can start with a solid drive. Hit the fairway and hit it far.
  • Irons and Wedges Drills – these are the clubs you will use the most in each round, it is important to learn how to use them better.
  • Putting Drills – often your putter can bail you out when every other club has failed you. It is probably the segment of the game an average golfer spends the least time practicing.
  • Plan Your Sessions – to reach the wanted results you need a good plan, and more importantly to stick to it.

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Titleist Tour Speed Golf Ball Review – Good Alternative for Top Premium Balls

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There is a reason Titleist golf balls are the number one golf ball choice on the PGA Tour. They have a large golf balls family, and this ball is one of them. This Titleist Tour Speed golf ball review tells how this upper-middle-class three-piece golf ball does on the course. With a compression rating of 78, this ball is meant for players with medium swing speeds (from 86 to 104 mph).

Its technology-driven core design is made to give the ball longer distances and the proprietary thermoplastic urethane cover gives it a soft feel and durability. Because of how this ball is built it can be placed in the premium balls category, but a cheaper price tag makes it more accessible to a wider golfing audience.

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How to Lower Your Golf Handicap – Path To Happiness

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Playing better and getting lower scores are wishes all the golfers have in common. That makes you think about how to lower your golf handicap and be happier on the course. When you start golfing you think a lot of lowering those scores, but more often than not it takes time. Golf is a hard game, and there are too many things that have to align in order to put together a good round.

A lot has to do with how much time you invest in practicing, rehearsing, and playing. That is all great and it does help a lot to play better. But there are also things related to the game that can contribute to posting lower scores. The good thing is, that all are accessible to recreational golfers. You do not have to be a PGA Tour pro or a member of an exclusive club to getgolfer on course better and enjoy the game more.

Find out what can help you in the following topics:

  • How to Prepare for the Round – things you can do before you start your round that can help you with confidence and better performance.
  • Course Management – get to know your course enough so you know what to expect. Sometimes you can make decisions during the round that can help your score.
  • Use the Tools You Have – there are tools in your golf bag that can seem not important, but can help your overall game.
  • Take Home the Positives – each time you finish the round focus on the good things that happened, and forget all the bad ones.

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Golf Club Distance Chart – Reasons to Build One

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A lot of recreational golfers out there do not know their exact clubs’ distance, and that is a big difference compared to professional golfers. Even more than just knowing the distances, you can build your own golf club distance chart to know how long your clubs reach when you are hitting the golf ball in every situation. There are a lot of things you can do to improve your golf game, and this one is often overlooked.

Typically, when you ask an average golfer for every club distance, they will have a general idea. That general idea can be deceiving, and it is definitely not reliable on the golf course. The average distance difference between clubs is 10 to 15 yards, but what about all the gaps between? This is when the chartgolf swing comes in.

In this article you will find out:

  • The Importance of Knowing Your Distances – this could be the difference between a higher or lower score on your card, and it could save you time on the course.
  • How to Build a Distance Chart – it is a simple process, but it takes time to build.
  • Wedges and Irons Charts – these are more in-depth charts because they include less than full swings as well.
  • Driver, Hybrids, and Fairway Woods Charts – more basic charts, but important for your game.

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How to Fix a Golf Swing Slice – Hit the Ball Straight

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It is one of the most frustrating moments on the golf course, but it can be avoided. Most golfers have been there at some point, and there are ways how to fix a golf swing slice in order to hit the ball straight or hit a draw. If you are one of the golfers who are ok with the slice and can turn it into a controlled fade, you are all good.

In case you are among the vast majority who would like to make changes to their swing to fix the slice, you are in the right place. The most frustrating time when the slice appears is off the tee when hitting the driver. There is no worse feeling than watching that ball go so far to the side, often off the fairway into the woods or deep rough. Luckily, we can turn that swing

The article is focusing on the following:

  • Common Mistakes Leading to Slices – all the slices usually happen because of a few reasons, we are going to see which ones.
  • Upper Body Fixes – sometimes it can only take a slight adjustment of the arms or upper body posture.
  • Lower Body Fixes – this can be easily overlooked, but the legs’ position can help you fix the slice.
  • Club Path Fixes – it goes hand in hand with the whole body adjustment in order to get the club on the right path.

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TaylorMade Distance + Golf Ball Review – Affordable Option for New Golfers

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The first time I saw these golf balls in the store I asked myself; where is the catch? It seemed too low of a price for one of the industry’s major brands. My curiosity was strong enough and I went on to buy them. I will share my experience in this TaylorMade Distance + golf ball review and help you decide if you should give these balls a try.

According to TaylorMade, the ball is designed for speed and distance while providing a soft feel. It is a 2 layers ball with a 77 compression, which means it is primarily made for golfers with slow and moderate swing speeds.

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