Golf Impact Position Tips – How to Hit It Pure

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Your golf swing can look amazing and generate a lot of clubhead speed, but there is still one key thing for all to work. You guessed it, it has to do with the impact. With a solid impact, everything falls into place for a consistent golf swing. If you want to hit balls purely, you might want to check the golf impact position tips in this article.

All golfers pursue that clean contact when the club hits the ball first and then the ground. That is precisely what professional golfers can do on a regular basis.

Almost every person who watched professional golfers play says the same thing. When they hit the ball, it just sounds different. Very different from what we are used to hearing.

Now, nobody is expecting you to hit ball after ball like a tour pro. That is unless you are aspiring to be a tour pro. However, you can get to a level where you hit the ball better.

Better contact will give you more control, and more distance, and ultimately help your game to get to the next level. Who wouldn’t want that? Have a look at the tips below and start improving your contact.

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1. Weight on the Lead Side

Needless to say, when the weight at impact is more on your trail side, a lot of bad things happen. You lose power and distance, and you hit a lot of different poor shots. At that very moment when you make contact with the ball, you actually add loft to your club which makes the ball go a shorter distance. There is also a good chance you hit the ground behind the ball which also robs you of distance.

To avoid all of the above from happening, the weight has to be more on your lead side at impact. That is essential to put all the elements in the right place for the swing to work out. It will help you with better contact as well as with more power in your swing. The better contact means you can hit the ball first and make that nice divot past the golf ball.

2. Forward Shaft Lean

This is among the most important things you should do at impact if you are looking for more distance. What having your shaft forward at impact does is de-lofting your golf club. At that moment your club turns into one or two clubs up. Now, instead of hitting an 8 iron, you are hitting a 7 or 6 iron depending on how much you de-loft it.

That is possibly the biggest secret of how professional golfers can hit their clubs so far. Golf clubs are designed for the forward shaft lean at impact. I am talking here mostly of full swings. You can always manipulate the loft depending on your desired shot. It will help you hit the ball to distances you thought you can’t reach.

3. Square Clubface

Without any question, you have to have your clubface square at impact if you want to hit solid shots. There are different ways to achieve that. One is timing it and turning the face square only at impact. It is possible to do it this way, but it will make your work harder and your shots open for mis-hits.

The easier way to do it is to pre-set the clubface to be square before it gets to impact. This will limit the possible mistakes and help you hit more consistent shots. It involves less active wrists and it starts already from the takeaway. Next time you go to the range, pay attention to how you square your clubface. Maybe you will need to make some adjustments to make your life easier.

4. Turn Through Impact

Turning through impact can make a big difference in a few areas of your golf swing. It will help you control the clubface, add more power to your swing, and make it as effortless as possible. One of the things that tend to happen when you do not turn through impact is that your arms get too involved in the swing.

Involving your arms more in the swing can be good if you need to do things like adding some spin. However, when your arms are more passive through the impact it is easier for you to make good contact. It helps you to keep the same relationship with the golf ball and adds more distance to your shots.

5. Shoulder Tilt

If you have a look at any professional player at their impact position, you will notice one thing. All of them tilt their shoulders toward the trail side. That helps them to hit those solid shots time after time. It is paramount for having all the other swing parts in the right place when you strike the ball.

With no tilt, your striking will be less consistent. It would be hard to have the forward shaft lean without it or turn through the swing. Without it, you will be facing all kinds of potential mis-hits. In other words, shoulder tilt means that you are keeping your upper body in the right position for the impact.

Solid Impact Is the Road to Consistent Shots

Golfers know how hard it is to reach a point where you hit the ball consistently well. That being said, even the best golfers in the world hit bad shots. The key to better golfing is in limiting your bad shots. By that, I mean having fewer of them as well as making sure those bad ones are not too bad.

A solid impact will help your game to get to the next level. It will make your good shots great and it will make your bad shots manageable. That is something we all aspire to. Look up some impact drills, check what you need to work on, and get ready to enjoy golfing more than ever.

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