Golf Accessories for Beginners – What You Actually Need

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There are a lot of fun accessories, then there are a lot of valuable accessories. Golf has both, but I will touch upon golf accessories for beginners you actually need on the course. In the early phase of your golfing venture, you do not need to buy everything they offer in a golf shop.

What you should buy are basic accessories that can help you play your best game. Besides helping with your game, there are accessories that help you do your part in the course maintenance. That way you are both following the rules of the golf etiquette and doing the right thing at the same time.

Eventually, as your golf game improves you can get other non-essential accessories. Those can be fun to have, but you can live without them. I’ll mention some of those as well at the end to give you an idea. To start let’s see which the more important ones are.

Golf Accessories
Golf Accessories by


These are, as the name itself says, accessories you should have in your bag at any time. You should get them mostly because they will help your game. The other reason is, as mentioned above, to do the right thing while playing. All the accessories are widely available in golf shops, especially the essential ones.

Ball Marker

The first on the list is one of the most important accessories. Ball markers are usually cheap, and you can use something as simple as a coin as an alternative. Marking and picking up your ball on the green will make your golf partners happy. Besides that, it will get you the chance to clean the ball for a better roll towards the hole.


It has multiple purposes, the most important is cleaning your club grooves. Cleaner clubs help you hit the ball better, get more distance, and add some backspin. The brush is very useful to clean your golf shoes as well.


Far from being a fashion accessory, golf gloves are a big help for your swing. Back in the day a lot of golfers did not wear them, but that changed a lot. The main use is to prevent your club from slipping while you are swinging. There are winter and rain gloves available on the market that help to keep your hands warm, dry, or both during winter times.

Pitch Mark Repair Tool

Greens that look like they are poorly maintained are not fun for golfers. In order to prevent that, there are pitch marks repair tools. They look like small pitchforks and are not expensive. Get one, repair marks, and the groundkeeper is going to be as grateful as your fellow golfers who play behind you.


This is something that is almost a given that you have. In order to place the ball above the ground, you need tees. Make sure you have enough of them in case they break which is often the case.


Another item that has a multi-purpose. It helps you clean your clubheads, as well as your golf ball when it lands on the green. By the way, in winter conditions you can pick up your ball in mucky situations when not on the green as well, and give it a wipe.


Just because some accessories are non-essential it does not mean they are not useful. They all have a purpose that they serve and can make a good addition to your bag.

Ball Retrievers

This is an accessory you never wish to use. In case you do use it, that only means your golf ball went into unwanted territory. That can be a water hazard or some bush. When that situation happens the ball retriever is the right tool for the occasion. It gives you additional reach so you can recover your precious golf ball.


Some clubs like drivers and putters mostly come with covers. For other clubs depends on the brand and make. You do not have to have a headcover for every single club in your bag. However, they can be useful if you store your clubs in the off-season or when you travel. Golf clubs don’t come cheap, protect them so they can last longer.


If you play a lot of golf, you will be exposed to the sun for a fair amount of time. This goes especially if you live in a warmer area with nicer weather the whole year. In addition to sunscreen, consider bug repellants as well.


It is very handy when you play in rainy weather. A lot of modern golf umbrellas also have UV protection to keep you safe from the burning sun.

Golfing in Ireland
Golfing at Carton House Maynooth Ireland by EricAroundTheWorld

Other Useful Items

Besides all the accessories mentioned above, there are a couple of more items that do not really categorize as accessories. Both help you in different ways and can bring benefits to your game.

Golf Carts

No matter which golf course you play all of them have one thing in common. They are long. Golf carts can make your time on the course more pleasant. If you still want to walk during a round and you do not want to carry a bag, this is your solution. There are a few different types you can consider.

  • Electric Carts – they are becoming more and more popular. You just strap your golf bag on, click the remote control and your cart starts rolling. As easy as it gets.
  • Pull Carts – these are two-wheelers, and as the name suggests you pull them behind you.
  • Push Carts – they have one extra wheel compared to pull carts. Unlike the pull carts, you push these in front of you.

Golf Shoes

Most amateur golfers do wear golf shoes. The ones who don’t should really consider it. Apart from being a fashion item, golf shoes can actually help you improve your game. Stability through your swing is important, and golf shoes provide just that. There are two types to choose from.

Spiked Shoes

As the name suggests they come with spikes. These kinds of shoes provide good stability on all surfaces along the golf course. Professional golfers favor spiked shoes over spikeless ones.

Spikeless Shoes

A more recent type of golf shoe is still solid when it comes to stability. They are very popular among amateur golfers. Some models provide such comfort you can wear them off the course as well.

Make Your Life Easier

Golf accessories exist for a reason, and that is to help you enjoy golf as much as possible. It is all about the best possible experience you can have on the golf course. Besides going for the lowest score possible it is important to have a good time.

Not only you will be able to play the best you can, but you will also comply with the golf etiquette. That will make all the golfers surrounding you happy as well. Not to mention the greenkeeper and the course staff. Get accessorized and make your life easier, at least on the golf course.

What is your favorite golf accessory? Share below!

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