Driving Range Drills for Beginners – Road to Success

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Not all golfers enjoy hitting balls at the driving range. It takes commitment, a certain amount of time, and it costs some money. If you fall into the category of golfers who spend time on the range and have recently started golfing, this might be something for you. The driving range drills for beginners will give you some suggestions on how to improve your game and become a consistent golfer.

Practicing at a driving range has its positives and negatives, but it can definitely be helpful. This time we will focus only onballs at the driving range the positives. The most important thing about the range is that you go there only if you have a plan. Aimless ball hitting will most likely not result in the best outcome for the long term.

When at the driving range it is beneficial to hit different clubs and get the feel for different types of shots from different distances and scenarios. All that is something for a different conversation. This time we will talk about how you can make your golf swing more consistent. There are different drills for different aspects of your swing that can help you with that.

Below we will focus on the swing basics through the following drills:

  • Backswing Drills – this will help you start your swing the best possible way.
  • Downswing Drills – the downswing is the crucial part for impact, these drills will help you to get to the ball the better way.
  • Impact Drills – solid contact is all you want, and some drills can help you with that.
  • Follow Through Drills – the last part of your swing is as important as any other, the drills will help you finish your swing like a pro.

Backswing Drills

A lot of things have to fall in place to execute that perfect shot. Even if you play golf for a long time, that does not guarantee you will hit every shot how you want. It is just the nature of golf. However, with good basics, you are increasing your chances of hitting solid shots more consistently. And it all starts with a good backswing.

Here are some drills that will help you build solid foundations for your backswing:

  • Takeaway Drill – this drill will help you preset your clubface through the swing for better contact.
    • Slowly start the backswing until your club is parallel to the ground
    • Once you get to that position, stop the backswing
    • Now have a look at your clubface position
    • Your clubface should be pointing slightly to the ground
    • If your clubface is too open, repeat the drill until you get the feeling of a slightly closed clubface
  • Lead Arm Close to Body Drill – this drill will help you keep your lead arm close to your body for a better club path.
    • Grab a piece of your t-shirt (or sweater) close to your lead armpit, and tuck it under the armpit
    • Now do a full backswing with your piece of shirt staying under your armpit
    • If your arm moves away from your body, the piece of your shirt will be released
    • Repeat the drill to get the feeling of keeping your lead arm tight to your upper body

Downswing Drills

Every part of the swing is equally important. Once you have mastered your backswing, it is time to move on to the nextdriving range takeaway piece. Your downswing is going to affect a lot your ball flight. It will basically set the direction of your shot. Controlling your downswing will help you to control the outcome of your shot.

Below are some downswing drills that will help you swing like a pro:

  • Club Path Drill – this will help you swing the club from inside-out for a better shot direction, and it will help you especially if you are fighting with slices.
    • If your golf ball is at 12 o’clock in relation to your body, place one alignment rod at 5 o’clock (7 o’clock for left side swings)
    • The alignment rod position will help you exaggerate the club path from inside-out to get the right feeling for it
    • On the downswing, your arms and club should follow the alignment rod
    • Repeat the drill until you get the feeling for your club path
  • Trail Elbow Close to Body Drill – this drill will help you keep the club on the right path and position it for impact.
    • On the downswing keep your trail arm elbow bent and as close as possible to your body, almost touching the area above your trail hip
    • Repeat the drill until you can automatically keep the elbow close to your body

Impact Drills

This is what it all comes down to, solid contact. You can have the best backswing, downswing, and follow through, but without solid contact, it all falls into the water. There are a couple of important things when it comes to contact. One is to square the clubface and the other is to compress the golf ball.

Check these impact drills that will help you hit that ball as good as it gets:

  • Square Clubface Drill – this drill will help you to set up your clubface for impact.
    • Start the drill from the top of your swing
    • Before you start the downswing preset your lead wrist to a straight or slightly bent position
    • Start the downswing and stop just before impact to check your clubface position
    • Do the necessary adjustments until you get the feeling of how your wrist should be to keep the clubface square
    • Repeat the drill until you get the feeling, only then start hitting balls
  • Box Impact Drill – with this drill you will be able to get the feeling of swinging the club properly through impact. This one is could be done easier at home, at the range you could use an impact bag if you own one.
    • Get a big cardboard box (or use a wall), and position it about a clubhead width in front of your lead foot, and about a clubhead width aside from your lead foot
    • You have to be positioned so your hands clear the box (wall) and your whole club shaft and clubhead can hit it
    • Now do a slow swing so your club shaft and clubhead hit the box (wall) at the same time
    • In order to do this right, you will have to transfer the weight and shift towards your lead side
    • When you hit the box (or wall) you will see how your clubhead is positioned at impact
    • Your clubface should be square when you make contact with the box (wall)
    • Repeat the drill until your club shaft and clubhead hit the box (or wall) flush each time, with your clubface square

Follow Through Drills

This part of the swing at first may not seem so important, but it actually tells you a lot about your swing. The position you finish your swing in will reveal how you executed it. For that reason, it is important to finish the right way.

Try the drills below to end your swing in style:driving range follow through

  • Follow Through Pause Drill – this drill will help you to get your arms and club into a finishing position after impact.
    • For this drill do only a half swing, starting from arms parallel to start the downswing to arms parallel at the follow through
    • When you finish the half swing at arms parallel, your clubhead should be tilted in relation to your body tilt
    • The club should be extended and the clubhead should be facing slightly towards the sky
    • Repeat the drill to get the feeling of your arms’ position after impact
  • Upper Body Towards Target Drill – this drill will help you get into the finishing position at the end of your swing.
    • Once you make the full swing finish in a position with your upper body fully facing the target
    • Stay paused in that position for a few moments every time you do it
    • Repeat the drill until you get used to staying in the position when completing the follow through

Golf with Confidence

Drills can make you a more consistent player, but there is one catch. You have to actually do them on regular basis for all to have an effect. Golf is a hard game, and if you want to improve you will have to put some time into practicing. The driving range sessions can be very productive if they are done with a purpose.

Getting on the driving range and just hitting balls aimlessly won’t do you any favor. Even if it is just to warm up before a round, always have some goals at the range in order to make the best of it. Drills are a good way to work on some parts of your swing in order to become a better player.

You will not only become a better player, but you will also get more confident when playing. It is not just doing the drills, but doing them properly. Rather, do a smaller amount of repetitions the right way, than a large number wrongly. Work on one area at a time, monitor your progress and don’t give up.

P.S. Some of these drills can be easily done at home as well.

Do you find any drills challenging? Do you have any favorite ones? Share below!

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