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Best 2022 Golf Balls for Beginners – Find Your Match

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There are so many golf balls on the market, that is a fact. It is also a fact that when you start golfing you do not necessarily know what you are looking for. That is the case with most golf equipment and especially balls. If you are lucky, you have someone who can help you with the choice. For the rest, you can check the best 2022 golf balls for beginners list.

Now, the ball will not magically make you a better golfer. That being said, it can help you gain a bit more distance. I will single out distance alone because when you just start playing that is what you need the most.

Your skills will improve with time and you will also start looking at other segments of the game. You will want more or less spin, a softer or harder feel, and so on. For now, we’ll mainly look into distance, price, and quality.

Golf Balls
Golf Balls by

All the balls on the list below fall into the two-piece recreational balls category. In general, there are only a few things different between them. The main one is the compression rating which separates them the most. Without any further introduction let’s see which golf balls made it onto the list.

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Bridgestone e6

This ball falls among the balls with the lowest compression on this list. It also falls among the lower-priced ones among the bunch. It gives a soft feel both on and off the green.

The intended customers for this ball are golfers with slower to moderate swing speeds. For that reason, it is a solid choice for beginners.

Bridgestone e6
Bridgestone e6 by

All in all this ball is a decent overall performer. Its strong suits are distance, appearance, and price. While there are many positives, there are also a couple of negatives. One is distance control due to the lack of spin which gives it less stopping power. The other one is durability which is just average. It is available in white and optic yellow.

Callaway Supersoft Max

Now, there is something very unique regarding this golf ball. It is its size. As the name itself says it is an oversized ball. It is a large version of the Callaway Supersoft golf ball.

If you are wondering if this golf ball is legal, it is 100% legal. Its size is the maximum allowed by the golf governing bodies. The size is also the ball’s strongest selling point.

Callaway Supersoft Max
Callaway Supersoft Max by

It is a ball with a very low compression which along with the size makes it extremely beginner friendly. Besides that, it goes a long distance and the price makes it affordable. When it comes to durability, it is just ok with some room for improvement. In case you are making your first golfing steps, this easy-to-hit golf ball might be a good option for you. The ball is sold in white and yellow colors.

Srixon Q-Star 6

The fact this ball has been around for six generations so far says something. It has a medium compression rating which makes it suitable for golfers with medium swing speeds.

When it comes to performance this ball is solid across the board. One of the first things beginners want is distance and this ball does provide that.

Srixon Q-Star 6
Srixon Q-Star 6 by

There is a slight concern with this ball, it seemed not as durable as it should be. On top of that, it falls among the more expensive balls on this list. In conclusion, if you want a good-performing ball and you are not on a budget this could be a ball for you. It comes in pure white and tour yellow colors.

TaylorMade Distance+

As you can guess from the name itself this ball is all about distance. It is not only in the name, this ball delivers when it comes to distance. Everything else comes secondary.

That being said, it will not provide you with any special capabilities. Honestly, when you just start golfing distance is all you need. Everything else will come with time and practice.

TaylorMade Distance Plus
TaylorMade Distance Plus by

Like some other balls on this list, its durability could be improved. When it comes to price, this ball is among the cheapest ones here. That is exactly what you need assuming you will be losing balls here and there. Its compression rating puts it into the medium category which should suit players with medium swing speed. TaylorMade offers this ball in white and yellow colors.

Titleist TruFeel

Titleist specifies this is the softest golf ball they offer on the market. That translates into a very soft feel and optimum performance for golfers with slower swing speeds.

Since a lot of new golfers in the very beginning have slower swing speeds, this ball comes as a solid option. Its low compression rating helps it go long distances at those speeds.

Titleist TruFeel
Titleist TruFeel by

This ball is not the most durable in the Titleist lineup. Nonetheless, it is still very good compared to a lot of other balls in this category. Price-wise, you will not find anything cheaper coming from Titleist. Its affordability gives you the opportunity to play with a ball from the industry leader. Besides the usual white and yellow, this ball is also made in matte red color.

Find Your Ball and Have Fun

You are just starting your golf journey. Sometimes you have to remind yourself that golf can be both frustrating and fun. This is especially going to be the case until you spend some time playing and practicing. Honestly, it is always going to be like that no matter how much experience you have or how skilled you are.

Finally, finding a good ball fit makes the journey a bit more enjoyable. For that reason make sure you get one that will fit your game. With time as your game evolves, you can change to a more suitable one. No matter what ball you end up with, always remember to have fun while golfing.

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Best 2022 Golf Christmas Presents – The Shopping Guide

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We are getting close to the winter holiday season. In case you have a golfer among your family members or friends, they will always appreciate a nice golf-related present. It can be overwhelming and time-consuming to find the right gifts. For that reason have a look at the shopping guide to find the best 2022 golf Christmas presents.

Golf is very unique when it comes to equipment and accessories. A lot of it is customized for the individual. However, there are still items that can be purchased without fear of buying the wrong thing.

Golfers love their accessories, that is a fact. Luckily for you, there are plenty to choose from. Not only accessories but also essentials like golf balls with many options on the market. This guide will narrow your options and make the buying process a bit easier.

Christmas Presents Under Christmas Tree by Clint Patterson
Image by Clint Patterson on Unsplash
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Best 2022 Three-Piece Golf Balls on Budget – Find Yours

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This year was productive when it came to new golf balls. Many major brands released improved editions of their existing lineup or came up with new products. One category stood out in particular, and that is the middle-of-the-pack balls. Therefore, we’ll have a look at the best 2022 three-piece golf balls on budget.

Most of them are categorized as premium, but not tour level premium. This means, they have similar characteristics, similar built, but do not perform quite as well as the ones used on the PGA or LPGA tour. One of the most significant differences is the price. They are cheaper which makes them more affordable.

2022 Best Three-Piece Golf Balls on Budget
Image by

Now, these balls still perform on a high level despite not being the most expensive ones. They just cater to the amateur golfers who like to get more out of a ball, but do not want to spend a lot of money in the process. In other words, you get a very good value for your hard-earned money.

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Best 2022 Spikeless Golf Shoes – Find Yours

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Golf shoes have come a long way from the sharp metal spikes a long time ago. Since spikeless shoes were introduced, they have grown a lot in popularity. Finding the right ones can be overwhelming and below you can find out which are the best 2022 spikeless golf shoes. There is a list of both the best men’s and women’s spikeless shoes. The goal is to help you narrow your search down.

Golf shoe brands keep releasing new models every year, nothing unusual there. New technologies are being introduced with shoes getting more comfortable than ever. Every person has a different taste and there are shoes for every taste. Without further introduction, let’s get into the list.

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Best Golf Balls for New Golfers – Enjoy the Game for a Lower Price

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You got your golf clubs, you took some lessons, and now you are ready to go golfing. One more thing is left, buying some golf balls. There is no right answer to what the best golf balls for new golfers might be. However, there are some answers to what balls you should look into and what options are out there.

It is easy to walk into a golf store and get lost among all the different golf balls on the shelves. You could just be standing ingolf balls front of the aisle, checking all the brands and the prices for the longest time. This mini-guide will help you to expedite that process so you can finally go out and play. Here is what you can read below:

  • What Kind of Ball You Need – this usually depends on your style of play, swing speed, and personal preference.
  • Best Options – these are among the best recreational golf balls for new golfers.
  • Budget Options – there are cheaper options you can enjoy as much as any other recreational golf balls.
  • Alternative Options – you do not have to buy new balls, second hand is always an option.

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Best Winter Golf Gloves – Keep Your Hands Warm in 2022

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Winter is a word that most golfers do not want to hear because it usually means a few months long break or visits to the driving range at best. If you do not live in a tropical climate, and conditions allow you to golf during colder weather, check out the best winter golf gloves available to help your hands stay warm on the course.Winter Golf Gloves

Here is what you can discover below:

  • Best Premium Choices – find out the top of the line choices out there that will help to keep your hands warm and your game consistent during cold months
  • Best Budget Options – these choices are the best among the less expensive ones and will do a great job as any winter golf gloves
  • Best of the Rest – in this category you can find out what gloves did not make it among the best ones, but are still available in case you are looking for some alternatives
  • Stay Warm to Perform Better – some suggestions for you on how to keep warm and dry in all weather conditions to enjoy the game you love even when the sun is not shining

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