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Increase Distance off the Tee – Hit It With Confidence

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Hitting the driver longer is the holy grail for a large number of golfers. Most will spend a lot of time searching for it, and some will get to a satisfying result. If you are planning to begin the quest, there are certain things that can help you increase the distance off the tee and come closer to the grail.

It is not just about bragging rights among your fellow golfers. Hitting longer can contribute to lower numbers on scorecards, more confidence, and less frustration on the course. Even if you do not go all in with exercising and spending endless hours at the driving range, there are tweaks you can do to your game in order to obtain results. As usually is the case, it all starts with the fundamentals and goes on towards gradual improvement with drills.

This article focuses on the following segments that can help you increase your driver distance:

  • It Starts With the Setup – as with everything in golf it all begins with the correct setup at address. This is key for all the other parts to work out properly.
  • Proper Swing Motion – there are certain reasons why the golf swing works better when it is executed correctly. This helps with the impact and it is a foundation to build on.
  • Right Equipment – not every driver or golf ball works the same for every golfer out there. This can be easily overlooked, and it could be the key between success and failure.
  • Distance Drills – when everything else is in its place, the time comes to work on increasing the distance with drills. The drills can be the final touch that will bring you your desired yardage.
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Golf Driver Tips for Beginners – Hit It Far and Straight

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We all know the driver is the longest club in the golf bag. That also makes it the hardest one to hit. This is especially the case when you just start golfing. The golf driver tips for beginners will put you on the path to hitting it more consistently for better results on the course.

It will not magically happen and it still means you will probably have to spend some substantial time practicing your swing atgolf swing the driving range. There is no instant formula that will turn you into Rory McIlroy, but there is basic stuff that can send you on the right path. Here is what this article will help you with:

  • Setup – it all starts with the right setup at address in order to execute the swing correctly.
  • Grip – this can solve a lot of potential issues, like the slice or the hook.
  • Club Path – another important part that can contribute to direction and distance.
  • Club Face – controlling the clubface will help you with direction and consistency.

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