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Volvik Vivid Golf Ball Review – An Underrated Solid Ball

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I have always seen Volvik golf balls as balls that are there, available in the store, but never thought of actually buying them. Now I can say I am glad I did buy them and gave them a try. This is the Volvik Vivid golf ball review of the newest version of the first-ever matte-finish golf ball. The matte finish means the ball does not have that shiny finish all the other golf balls have, it could be compared to matte color cars vs regular color cars.

Volvik is known for colorful golf balls, but they do offer a good old white ball with a matte finish as well. This ionomer cover ball with a compression rating of 75 is intended for players with slow to medium driver swing speeds. The Volvik website specifies the recommended swing speed from 70 to 100 mph.

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