Golf Backswing for Beginners – Start Your Swing Properly

This is the second part of the four-part series focused on the golf swing, the first part is about the golf stance. After you are set up properly, it is time to make the swing and hit the ball. This time the topic is the golf swing for beginners to help you start your swing properly.

It is as important as any other part of the swing, and without a solid backswing, it is harder to follow up with a good downswing and follow-through. There are several elements and details related to the backswing that can make it easier for you to execute it better.

The focus is on the following:

  • Arms Movement – keeps the club on the plane, and helps you transition smoothly into the downswing.
  • Wrists Movement – Make sure your clubface will be square at impact for solid contact.
  • Legs Movement – it helps you maintain distance from the ball and gives you stability and room to shallow the club on the downswing.
  • Upper Body Movement – it helps you store energy to release on the downswing and keeps your club on the plane.
  • Hips Movement – hip rotation helps you transfer the energy to the downswing and gives you stability.
  • Shoulders Movement – it keeps your club on the plane and your arms in the proper position.
  • Head Movement – it helps you rotate more for a longer backswing to store more energy for the downswing.
  • Club Movement – it helps with a smoother transition to the downswing and keeps your clubface in the right position for impact.

Image by Courtney Cook on Unsplash
Image by Courtney Cook on Unsplash

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