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How to Hit a Wedge – 5 Tips for Beginners

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Among all your clubs, on average, you will hit your wedges the most each round. For that reason alone you should know how to hit a wedge solidly. That can help you shave off a few strokes per round.

Wedges are the most versatile clubs you have in your bag. There are so many situations where you can use them for so many different types of shots. Consistency is vital, and you must know certain things to achieve that.

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Because of their versatility wedges come in so many different setups. There are longer hitting wedges like the pitching wedge and the gap wedge. Those have stronger lofts compared to the sand wedge or the lob wedge. Ideally, you get comfortable hitting all of them or at least three out of four. Below are some tips that can make your job a bit easier.

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Best 2022 Spikeless Golf Shoes – Find Yours

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Golf shoes have come a long way from the sharp metal spikes a long time ago. Since spikeless shoes were introduced, they have grown a lot in popularity. Finding the right ones can be overwhelming and below you can find out which are the best 2022 spikeless golf shoes. There is a list of both the best men’s and women’s spikeless shoes. The goal is to help you narrow your search down.

Golf shoe brands keep releasing new models every year, nothing unusual there. New technologies are being introduced with shoes getting more comfortable than ever. Every person has a different taste and there are shoes for every taste. Without further introduction, let’s get into the list.

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2022 TaylorMade Soft Response Golf Ball Review

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This year TaylorMade has released a new version of their affordable three-piece ionomer golf ball. In this 2022 TaylorMade Soft Response golf ball review, we’ll find out how it feels to play it. According to their official website, this ball was “Designed to give amateur golfers enhanced feel while maintaining ball speeds and distance.”

The engineers have lowered the compression to make this the softest ball TaylorMade has to offer. It has a softer core and a re-engineered ionomer cover compared to the previous model. Another change is the “Steeper and shallower dimples to reduce drag and optimize lift for optimized aerodynamics to protect distance in softer golf ball design.”

All these improvements the ball went through are promising something good. Without further details, I’ll move on and let you know what I got out of a round of golf with this ball.

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Increase Distance off the Tee – Hit It With Confidence

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Hitting the driver longer is the holy grail for a large number of golfers. Most will spend a lot of time searching for it, and some will get to a satisfying result. If you are planning to begin the quest, there are certain things that can help you increase the distance off the tee and come closer to the grail.

It is not just about bragging rights among your fellow golfers. Hitting longer can contribute to lower numbers on scorecards, more confidence, and less frustration on the course. Even if you do not go all in with exercising and spending endless hours at the driving range, there are tweaks you can do to your game in order to obtain results. As usually is the case, it all starts with the fundamentals and goes on towards gradual improvement with drills.

This article focuses on the following segments that can help you increase your driver distance:

  • It Starts With the Setup – as with everything in golf it all begins with the correct setup at address. This is key for all the other parts to work out properly.
  • Proper Swing Motion – there are certain reasons why the golf swing works better when it is executed correctly. This helps with the impact and it is a foundation to build on.
  • Right Equipment – not every driver or golf ball works the same for every golfer out there. This can be easily overlooked, and it could be the key between success and failure.
  • Distance Drills – when everything else is in its place, the time comes to work on increasing the distance with drills. The drills can be the final touch that will bring you your desired yardage.
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