2022 TaylorMade Tour Response Golf Ball Review

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After reading mostly positive things about this golf ball, I finally decided to try it out. In the 2022 TaylorMade Tour Response golf ball review, I will let you know how it did on the course. It is the brand’s affordable version of a three-piece urethane cover golf ball. That means you can have a similar experience to a top premium ball for less money.

With a compression rating of around 70, this ball is built for a soft feel. Besides the cast urethane cover, what adds more to the soft feel is the low compression core. The new things compared to the previous model are the upgraded firmer second layer and the new tour flight dimple pattern. Along with a soft feel, TaylorMade promises fast ball speed, high launch, and high wedge spin.

Reading all the innovations and specifications, this ball does sound very promising. Golf balls do and don’t live up to expectations. At the end of the day, it really depends on what your expectations are, and more importantly if you are playing the right ball. Without further introduction, here is what I found.

TaylorMade Tour Response
TaylorMade Tour Response Box by golfballsworld.com

Who Is This Ball For?

As TaylorMade itself suggests, this ball is suitable for amateur golfers who want solid performance on the course and are not ready to spend top dollar on golf balls. When it comes to swing speed, it would fall around the medium swing speeds category. Due to its compression on the lower side, it is targeting players looking for a soft feel.

In case you are playing two-piece golf balls, and thinking of trying a three-piece one, this ball will not disappoint you. Its workability is not at the highest level of the top premium balls, but it is not so far behind either. If what you are looking for is a good all-around performer, give this ball a try.


  • Great Distance Control
  • Reasonable Price
  • Soft Feel


  • Durability Could Be Slightly Better
  • Might Not Suit Fast Swing Speeds

TaylorMade Tour Response

Review by golfballsworld.com

Distance Control
Chipping and Pitching

On the Green

There is no question whatsoever that this ball felt soft off the putter face. For that matter, maybe a touch too soft from what I am used to. That might have been the reason it was a bit challenging at times to find the right pace. This was especially the case on longer putts. On a few occasions, the ball rolled either way too short or way too long from the hole.

When I would get the right pace it held the line nicely. If you are used to playing with balls of the same or similar compression your adjustment will be quicker. The clean and simple alignment arrow was a decent help to position the ball before putts. All considered, putting with this ball was satisfying.

Around the Green

This is where the ball worked better for me compared to putting. It took less adjustment, and the proximity to the hole after chipping was good. Since bump and runs are my shots of choice, this is where the ball is tested the most. To my satisfaction, it worked well. I found it easy enough to control the distance on both short and longer chips.

There was enough spin to stop the ball around the desired area. It was the same case with higher trajectory chips which worked fine. Like putting, the feel off the clubface was soft. For a ball that is not at the very top of TaylorMade’s line, the performance around the green was very good.

Approach Shots

The ball was tested on a par 3 course, which makes all the tee shots approach shots. I can just say I was quite impressed with this part of the game. On average the ball had a higher flight trajectory. That combined with a decent amount of spin made the ball stop quickly on the green. Even on lower trajectory shots, the ball had enough stopping power due to the spin.

All of the above helped with distance control. Again, it felt soft off the clubface on full, three-quarter, and half swings. I did not notice any significant gain or loss in total distance compared to other balls I tested. It was not the longest, but it was not the shortest either. I had a fun time hitting this ball shot after shot.

Appearance and Price

In a few words, this ball looks nice. It has the recognizable TaylorMade logo with the red number underneath it. That did not change compared to the previous model. What did change a touch is the alignment arrow. The writing is the same, but the small arrows on each side of it are slightly different now.

If you are only looking at numbers this ball falls into the medium-high price category. However, once you know what you are getting, the price is not too steep. On the contrary, a good-performing three-piece urethane cover golf ball is good value for money. It is available in white and yellow colors. There is also the Tour Response Stripe golf ball with the 360° Clear Path Alignment to help aim putts better.


All right, we have arrived at a part that I was impressed with the least. It does not mean the durability was not acceptable or anything like that. Could it have been better? Probably yes. Here we are talking decent durability that has room for improvement. It just had a bit more scuffs and marks than I would like to see on a three-piece golf ball.

That did not affect the performance by any means. Although, I can’t say with certainty at what point it does start to mess around with the flight. I am sure it can last several more rounds just fine. For a single round on a par 3 course, it could have less visible damage. Still a passing grade.

Final Verdict

TaylorMade makes quality golf balls, it is a fact. Their balls are not the first choice for everyone, but they perform. This ball is an example of that. The ball is the second generation which means it is doing its job. Even more so, it was an improvement compared to the first generation model. That is based on testing numbers coming from industry experts.

There are not too many golf balls that can compare to the Tour Response in its category. If it ticks your boxes you may as well give it a go. There is a better chance of you being happy with the choice than not. In case it does not sound like a golf ball for you, there are plenty other options. At the end of the day, make sure you find the one that suits your game the most.

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