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New 2021 Bridgestone e12 Contact Golf Ball Review – A Solid Choice

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For this ball Bridgestone came out with a new dimple technology, claiming it is great and revolutionary. However, in this new 2021 Bridgestone e12 Contact golf ball review, I will not get into technicalities or data that will indicate if those claims are true. As usual, it will be an overview of how the ball feels and performs on a par 3 course seen from an average golfer like myself. Its purpose is to help golfers who are looking for a new golf ball to decide if they want to try it out.

Bridgestone is a big corporation, and when it comes to rubber products they know what they are doing. They are growing year after year, establishing themselves as one of the leading golf ball brands in the world. In the past, I have already tried the e6 golf ball, and it felt quite good. Now it was time to move a bit higher up the ball ladder and try the new e12 Contact. All the promises sounded exciting, and finally, the time came to see how it performs.

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Golf Drills for Beginners – Avoid Bad Habits

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Golf is a very simple game on the surface, but underneath there is a lot to comprehend. When starting to golf, it is easy to do things wrongly and develop bad habits. There are golf drills for beginners that can help you build the right fundamentals for your game. If you learn your golf swing wrongly, it is harder to fix it later on. The mechanics of the golf swing are more complicated than golf professionals make it look.Driving Range

There is a reason every component of the swing is done in a certain way, and it is all designed the way for you to hit the golf ball properly. The perfect golf swing does not exist, but there are probably players that execute it close to perfection. You should not expect to develop a perfect golf swing, but you definitely have to have solid foundations in order to develop the one that works the best for you. The golf swing is always a work in progress, but here are some simple drills that can help you. Read More

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Best Golf Accessories for Beginners -You Should Get Them

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Every time I walk into a golf store I end up checking the accessories aisles, even though I do not need to buy any. I feel like a kid walking into a candy shop, and I’m sure a lot of you feel the same. Since golf can be a lot to digest in the early stages,Golf Gloves this article will focus on the best golf accessories for beginners. When you start golfing, you are so focused on learning that often you do not think about all the essentials you should have in the bag.

Besides the obvious fact that golf accessories are cool, they can actually help to make your experience more enjoyable while improving your game at the same time. There are a lot of different ones, some are a luxury, but a lot of them are really important. Accessories will not make you an overnight under par player, but they will make sure you do things that will make both you and your golf partners happy. Read More

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