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How to Improve Your Golf Swing – What Worked for a Beginner

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In this article, I want to share my personal experience on how to improve your golf swing. As a new golfer, I went on a roller coaster and tried a lot of different things. I will talk about my learning curve and how my game progressed over time. In my short golf life so far I managed to learn a fair amount of new words and expressions, and I want to be able to translate that into a simple and understandable language to help all new golfers out there.Full Golf Swing

To be honest, I have not played a big golf course yet, but I have it planned for within the next couple of months. What I did play is a lot is par 3 courses, and for that reason, all I used are wedges, irons, and my putter.

I believe the irons game is a very important part of golf, maybe the most important one. What I also believe is that I have to know how to use my irons decently before going to a big course, and that is the major reason I haven’t been to one yet. Read More

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Importance of Golf Gloves – Reasons to Wear Them

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Soft, clean, and shiny, that would be my short description of a new golf glove if someone who never played golf asked me. It feels so good the first time when you slide it on your hand, almost as if it is tailored to you specifically. Among all the golf gear, accessories, and gadgets, gloves are one of my favorites. I cannot underestimate the importance of golf gloves. When I wear one it gives me that feeling of confidence and elegance, it makes me want to play on another level and take my next shot better than the previous one.FootJoy WeatherSof

I still run into golfers who do not wear a glove while playing, and that is a personal preference. In this article, I will touch on the golf gloves history, the reasons why we wear gloves, when not to wear them, and some big golf glove brands available on the market. Read More

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